Energetic and Holistic Massages and Treatments

Foot reflexology

after Hanne Marquardt – treating the whole person via the feet.

approx. 45 min

55 Euro

Back and neck massage

Classic massage, combined with massage bowls (TCM)
Releases deeper tension

On request also pure cupping massages and treatments (with glasses)

45 min

60 Euro

hand massage

Hand massage with precious Wala healing oils (Aconite pain oil, Solum oil);  recommended especially for osteoarthritis or rheumatic area

30 min

35 Euro

Ear candling treatments

approx. 45 min. with relaxation afterwards

Exclusively with handmade Hungarian ear candles, that have been proven to be particularly effective in the treatments. A very pleasant and relaxing treatment. Beneficial support for sinus, ears, migraine, tinitus.

50 Euro

each additional candle costs 10 euros

Head massage with warm oil

The head and the neck area will be addressed gently and rhythmically with Weleda arnica oil.

45 min

55 Euros

Sound massage therapy

By setting up and striking various singing bowls on the body, we slide into a trance-like deep relaxation. Blockades and patterns can be dissolved.

60 min

99 Euro

All treatments are available as a personalized gift certificate!

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